If you hate wandering around looking for the golf ball you shot too far, you definitely need a golf ball retriever that will help you recover it in no time. The retriever acts like a telescopic arm that enables you to grab balls that out of your reach, helping you restore all the balls you use during a game, even if they ended up in the woods or in lakes. The best golf ball retrievers are solid, have a firm grip, and hold on to the ball until you get it back. Most important, the best models can be found in the following comparison.

Top 5 Golf Ball Retrievers Comparison

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1. I Gotcha Ultimate

  • Compact and extendable to 18′
  • Firm grip handle
  • Ultra-compact design with stainless steel shaft
  • Easily traps ball
I Gotcha Ultimate Amazon Price

2. ProActive Hinged Cup

  • Compact and extendable to 15′ or 18′
  • Rubber handle for a great grip
  • Lightweight design made of aluminum
  • Hinged cup design easily traps ball
ProActive Hinged Cup Amazon Price

3. Callaway

  • Compact design extends to 15′
  • Ergonomic handle for a firm grip
  • High quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel retriver mechanism
  • Its mechanism picks up balls in a snap
Callaway Amazon Price

4. Search and Rescue

  • Two sizes extend to 6.5′ or 15′
  • Firm grip handle
  • Lightweight powder coated aluminum pole and stainless steel rings
  • Recover ball by placing head over all and lift
Search and Rescue Amazon Price

5. Sumnacon

  • Extends to 80″
  • Comfortable Handle Grip for Easy Holding
  • Telescopic design with stainless steel shaft
  • Easily scoop up your ball
Sumnacon Amazon Price


Golf Ball Retrievers Reviews

I Gotcha Ultimate Xl

A reliable golf ball retriever needs to be easy to use in the first place and this one manages to keep a low profile with the incredibly lightweight design. You can easily carry it in your golf bag and take it out when needed and it will immediately extend from 20″ to up to 18′ to reach the lost ball. Thanks to the firm grip and the sturdy pole, the retriever won’t bend and you will have full control over it. The ball is securely grabbed and it won’t fall until it reaches your hand. You can use it anywhere from rocks, water, even mud and it won’t have troubles retrieving the ball.

ProActive Hinged Cup Retriever

Another great tool to have on the golf bag is this retriever that boasts an innovative cup design and mechanism. The hinged cup of this item guarantees the ball won’t slip once it’s grabbed and makes handling a breeze. The long telescopic pole that can extend to up to 15′ or 18′, depending on your choice, is made of a lightweight aluminum that will remain firm and won’t break or bend while extending. And thanks to the rubber handle, you can get a great grip and control the retriever in the direction needed.

Callaway Ball Retrievers

Callaway is a known manufacturer that covers a wide range of golf tools and gadgets and their retriever is a reliable companion on the golf course. Whether you lost your ball in the woods, in a lake, or in the mud, you can use this compact item that measures only 45″ and extend it to up to 15′ to grab the ball you lost. It’s made of a high-quality aluminum alloy that stays firm and straight even when fully extended. To integrate better to your golf bag, the retriever comes with a zip headcover that makes it look like a golf club.

Search and Rescue Retriever

Simply place this ball retriever over the ball, no matter where it fell, and lift the item to collect the ball. The mechanism grabs the ball in a snap and delivers it to you from distances of 6.5′ or 15′, making it easier to recover balls that were sent too far. The pole is made of a weather resistant powder coated aluminum and the retrieving rings are stainless steel to prevent the unit from rusting after getting into contact with water. For added protection, the item has a headcover for when not in use.

Sumnacon Telescopic Retriever

Although you can’t reach long distances with this ball retriever, it will surely come in handy in water or bushes when you don’t want to stick your hands. The stainless steel shaft has a rubber handle to ensure you get a good grip and the plastic scoop features an automatic lock mechanism that holds on tight to the ball. It’s lightweight, practical, and handy, being just great for carrying in your golf bag.

What is a Ball Retriever?

Whether you are a professional golfer or a beginner, you probably know how frustrating it is to chase every single golf ball around the course. Some players are forced to reduce their playing time because of their neck and back problems. If you are one of those golfers with back problems, you will want to avoid facing difficulties when playing. Therefore, investing in a quality ball retriever can solve all your problems.

As you already know, in golf is all about comfort and convenience and the best retrievers can prove this point. The ball retriever can easily help you grab golf balls that fall into bushes, rivers, hazards and so on. It is frustrating when you have to continue your game and the ball gets stuck in a sand trap or a water hole. A golfer can waste plenty of time trying to chase balls by hands. Moreover, not every player can hire a personal caddy to chase the balls. Quality golf balls are quite expensive. Plus, some of them can be customized for easy identification on the course. However, there are numerous models on the market and most of them are capable of getting the job done right.

How to Choose a Ball Retriever

Most golf players, whether they are professionals or newbies, use ball retrievers because this helps them find their ball and recover it from hard-to-reach places. For a ball retriever to be useful during a golf game, you need to know which are the most important aspects to pay attention to when picking a model.

A solid handle

Nonetheless, a ball retriever must have a solid handle made of a durable yet lightweight material such as aluminum. This guarantees that the pole will not bend or break when extended to the maximum length and that it won’t be bulky to carry around. Also, the handle should have a rubber part so you can easily hold it with gloves or with wet hands.

Adjustable length

The main reason why you would use a golf ball retriever is to recover your ball from a bush or a pond so having one that measures the length of your extended arm is not useful at all. Instead, you need to rely on a model that can extend to at least 15′. The best model we have chosen can reach up to 18′.

A good grip mechanism

Once the ball is caught, it needs to stay in place until you are able to get it from where it was lost. For that, the retriever must come with a good grip mechanism that tightly presses onto the ball until it is safely in your possession. A weak mechanism will make the ball fall half-way so you will need to work two times to catch the ball again.

Most Trusted Golf Retriever Brands

In the world of golf, there are some equipment items that turn out to be very useful and the golf ball retriever is one of them. Considering how expensive a good golf ball can be, losing it during a game is not something you would want to happen, so having a tool to help you recover the ball is a great help. To avoid spending your money on a poor retriever, it’s best to know which are the most reliable brands on the market.


Among the most popular brands of golf ball retrievers is IGOTCHA that offers a variety of devices that can helo you get your golf balls back. Made of durable and quality materials and relying on a sturdy grabbing mechanism, these ball retrievers are the embodiment of quality and performance.

ProActive Sports

The second favorite brand of customers is ProActive Sports and their list of sports equipment includes golf push carts, golf ball holders and cleaners, sports bottles, tees, and golf accessories. The ball retrievers they design are practical, resistant, and very easy to use.


Another reliable brand that puts quality first is Callaway and their list of products includes some of the best golf clubs and the most practical golf ball retrievers. With a long history in the golf field, Callaway has managed to discover teh needs of their clients and seem to have found the way of designing the most reliable golf aids.


  1. Jessie says:

    What is the scoop diameter and depth of the Sumnacon Telescopic?

    • The scoop diameter of the Sumnacon Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever is approximately 1.8 inches, while the scoop depth is approximately 1.7 inches. These measurements make it ideal for recovering the balls that land in hard to reach places.

  2. Irvin says:

    I tend to throw the balls into the water very often, which makes it impossible for me to recover them most of the times because they are too far away. What model do you recommend for someone like me?

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